About Us

Ather’s Nutra started out in 2014, when a father by the name of Ather Ahmed started to look for a multivitamin for his children. What should have been a quick pick and go from the local pharmacy turned into a mission. Store after store, website after website, finding a Vegetarian, Well Formulated, Non- Gummy based Multivitamin became impossible to find. That is when I decided to start up Ather’s Nutra. Ather Ahmed has been in the health and wellness industry for over a decade. With the assistance of one of the most well known formulators in the supplement industry, Joseph Pavlik, Ather’s Nutra was created to ensure a well formulated, quality, children’s multivitamin is created. Now as a parent, we understand how picky our children can be when it comes to taste, which is why we had multiple children try out different flavors, to ensure we have the right flavor profile locked in. Not only do our multivitamins taste like candy, they are sweetened with Stevia instead of traditional refined sugars. Our Goal is simple, we want to promote quality, well formulated children’s multivitamins which will help nurture and enhance our children’s health and well being. Supplying our children with essential vitamins is necessary for their health and well being. We live in a society where we are surrounded by more unhealthy options, which are really popular with children. This is why we are here to help fill the gap with proper nutrition available in our Children’s Multivitamin. Thanks for visiting us, and we look forward to earning your business.

Best Regards,

President - Ather's Nutra